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Today’s the second day of C’MUN 2017! Good luck everyone!

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After Two Long Days of Deliberations Resolution 1.2 Bacterial Weapons is Passed

Resolution 1.2 (2017)                                     Sponsors: Cyprus, Germany, Kenya, Lebanon, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia Signatories: Afghanistan, Albania, Australia, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Cuba, Denmark, Fiji, France, Georgia, Greece, Iceland, India, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Norway, Paraguay, Qatar, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland,

The Privatisation of Outer Space as a Solution to Space Debris

Lebanon suggested today that the privatisation of outer space would be an efficient solution to the issue of space debris. Referring to the success of the privatisation of services such as that of street cleaning etc., they highlighted a higher level of quality and moreover, greater efficiency. This indicates the substantial monetary limitations of public

Saturday’s CMUN Confessions

EU – UK delegate for president of the European Council! YAAAASSS!!! DISEC – Brazil has a really nice booty DISEC – Kuwait is kind sweet EU – Rumour has it that Lithuania had a one-on-one moderated caucus with a certain someone EU – The delegation of Lithuania has the nicest ass in the committee. BY

HR’s confessions part 2

“Shoutout to all delegates, you are great! Special shoutout to the delegates of China, South Africa & Algeria (wink)” “Honey-mouth China talked everyone in supporting trade between China with Pakistan and India in a HR – resolution paper. Who can say no to such a sweet redhead? Best delegate ever!” “It seems the Federation of

Pollution in The EU Council

Yesterday the EU Council’s delegates reached an important agreement on the protection of the environment, but also showed the difficulty in match its words with its deeds. Despite the calls of the Committee’s Chairs, the delegates failed to take out the trash, and left the Beta room in critical condition. Sometimes great words should be

HR – Lively Discussion in Today’s Session

Today’s session was all about discussing and negotiating agreements between the different delegations that make up the HRC. The violation of human rights in the Kashmir region is a very complex and delicate problem.Two working days have not been sufficient for delegates to agree on definite solutions to this problem. In the afternoon session, the

HR – Solving the Kashmir Conflict: China’s Proposal

For the past two days, China’s vigorous delegate has expressed deep concerned over the human rights situation in the Kashmir region. China believes that all efforts should be focused on the achievement of concrete measures to improve the relations between Pakistan and India. They believe that in order to end the conflict, investment, trade and

EU Council adopted the resolution 1.1 as an official document

At 16.19, after  a day of exhausting negotiations, the council succeeded in agreeing on a final draft. The parties, even amongst many difficulties, have managed to bridge the differences and reach the consensus needed to approve the document. However, the deal has not succeeded to relieve the strain and more than a few delegates seem

NATO: The Future of the Alliance

The tasks at hand for the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) differ greatly today from those existing when it was first eradicated. Matters such as terrorism and cybersecurity were not present in previously and NATO must therefore adapt to such changes in order to comply with its objectives. Turkey and Slovakia engaged in a heated debate concerning the true

HRC’s Confessions …

“The delegate of Nigeria looks sad…maybe he”s missing his other half?” “Russian Federation seems to get nervous and blush whenever the female delegate of Japan is near” “Russia may have Japan’s ear now that they stopped supporting the combined working paper …” “Brazil I love your beard, Sexyyyyyy!” “The delegate of Iraq joined Beyonce’s dancers”